buddypress Forum error: There was an error when creating the topic

I was getting this very vague error message on a new installation of BuddyPress when attempting to create new Forum topics – There was an error when creating the topic.

After trying various proposed fixes I realised that my Groups had been created before the Forum was installed so I checked the database and there were no forums relating to my groups on the table wp_bb_forums. The solution is simple! Just go to group page > Admin > Group Settings  and uncheck the option “enable discussion forum”  the save changes then check “enable discussion forum” and save the changes again. This will create a Forum entry on the database for that specific Group.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with this same error.

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  1. If you have migrated the site to a new server – don’t forget to edit the database details of the new site in – bbconfig.php.

    In the same location as wpconfig.php.

    This will fix the issue.

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