Remove toolbar on Firefox / IE

The toolbar even after being uninstalled can remain stuck as Firefox’s URL search. I found this problem on a Vista machine . To remove it follow these steps.

  • from the Control Panel/IE
  1. Uninstall the toolbar using the Add/Remove Programs
  2. Remove it form the Internet Options  /General Tab / Change search Defaults
  • From Firefox
  1. On the address bar type about:config (you will get a warning, be carefull this is the regedit equivalent on Firefox)
  2. Change the setting – keyword.URL; – from  to
  3. Change the setting – – from to
  4. change the settings – extension.snipit.chromeURL – from to{searchTerms}
  5. restart Firefox

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  1. This is good info. Even better, rather than manually typing in the replacement values, you can right click on the keyword.URL and other settings and choose “Reset”

    • tried all of those above couldn’t find extension. though , uninstalled in control panel , reset browser, deleted from program files and all instructions from how anything else to get rid of this menace

  2. Thanks, great info. Sorted now.

  3. “On the address bar type about:config” where should I write anithing or where can I find this?

    and then – wher ca I change these settings in 2nd, 3rd and 4th point?

    and sorry for my bad english :(


  4. hey, I found everything :)

    thanks for advice

  5. Even :config is getting hijacked by

  6. Excellent accurate and effective – thanks very much

  7. couldnt find the one that said crome….typed “ask” into the filter and changed the startup.url one that said ask to google url…this worked. I wish someone would torch thier mainframe

  8. Very Awesome, this issue was annoying and i couldn’ t see where the redirects were coming from since i saw no add -ons and no programs , toolbars to uninstall.

  9. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been working on this for over two hours now and, with your help, finally removed the evil!!!

  10. ME2!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ME 2 – Its been annoying the hell out of me for days until I found your instructions.

    Bloody beauty !!

  12. I cannot remove the Ask toolbar. I removed it thru add/remove but it’s stopping me with error code: error 1316.A network error occurred while attempting to read file C:\windows\installer\asktoolbar.msi
    Cannot reinstall because it tells me it is already installed.
    Any help?

  13. oh my godd!! i gave up on removing the ask toolbar 2 years ago! i did everything i could and it didnt work! the system said i had removed it, but it was still there!
    And this actually worked!!! im soo happy right now! cause i hated the ask search engine sooo much

  14. help! how do you unistall from goggle? i don’t even know how ask got installed. I’M NOT THAT GREAT @ THIS, BUT WOULD YOU AGREE THIS HASSLE IS UNETHICAL (A PAIN IN THE ***)


  16. thanks it works .

  17. Here is what I did and it worked.


    went to about:config
    then changed any string that had to (right click modify)

    Then for the remaining toolbar on top of the browse.
    Click the small triangle on the left at end of search box. Then select Manage Search Engines. Move up your referred search engine and remove the one you do not want ( Click OK. This should help.


  18. :neutral: :razz: :oops:

  19. Solution to the error 1316: Before uninstalling the ask toolbar, you have to deactivate the toolbar from Every browser it is attached in. In every browser the ask toolbar has a deactivation setting. After that you should be able to uninstall it from windows normaly

  20. Thank you for this information. I will never use Ask even by choice again for using this kind of tactic. :mad:

  21. Thanks for info. Last time i’ve used and it works not bad for 1 month but it comes again, maybe i’ve did something wrong, that’s why now i am looking for another guide.

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