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Echofon shamefully drops Firefox for Linux

Echofon has officially announced it is dropping support for Custom build Firefox, so it will no longer work with “minor” platforms. How dare you Echofon!?  This is such short sightedness.

Apparently the previous version ( of the Echofon plugin to Firefox still works, but I would appreciate suggestions for a different Firefox plugin. I would be happy to ditch Echophon alltogether, it was a good product untill the developers killed it for me.

If you get the error –  Echofon does not support this platform or custom build Firefox. (Can’t get OAuth signer.) / Cc[‘@naan.net/twitterfox-sign;1’] is undefined (Fx version 3.6.8 / ABI x86-gcc3) – according to the Echofon developers you are using a minor platform, and that includes 64bit build on Mac and Windows..

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PHP-GTK installation Errors on OpenSUSE

PHP-GTK is an extension for the PHP programming language that implements language bindings for GTK+. It provides an object-oriented interface to GTK+ classes and functions and greatly simplifies writing client-side cross-platform GUI applications.

While installing PHP-GTK under Linux, you need to have some libraries, extensions installed or it may cause the following errors.

Error: command make: not found

  • OpenSUSE fix       $ sudo zypper in make
  • Ubuntu fix             $ sudo apt-get make

Error: phpize  not found

  • OpenSUSE fix      $ sudo zypper in php5-devel
  • Ubuntu fix            $ sudo apt-get php5-devel

Error: buildconf not Found

  • OpenSUSE fix      $ sudo zypper in buildconf
  • Ubuntu fix            $ sudo apt-get buildconf

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Fix Broken package – Ubuntu

Sometimes a corrupt installation package can corrupt your package management system leaving your Linux unable to install or on remove any packages (Software). Here is the message error I got from apt-get after trying to install ndas-admin for Ubuntu.

$sudo apt-get install mplayer   (or any package)
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree      
Reading state information… Done
E: The package ndas-admin needs to be reinstalled, but I can’t find an archive for it.   (this is the error)

I tried : $ sudo apt-get install -f  , to try to fix the problem but got the same error. The only option I had was to edit the dpkg status file manually.

  1. $ sudo gedit /var/lib/dpkg/status    (if you prefer you can use vi instead of gedit)
  2. Locate the corrupt package, and remove the whole block of information about it and save the file. Mine looked like this:
  • Package: ndas-admin
    Status: deinstall reinstreq half-configured
    Priority: extra
    Section: alien
    Installed-Size: 100
    Maintainer: root <root@ubuntu510>
    Architecture: i386
    Version: 1.0.2-24
    Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.4-1)
    Description: Administration toosl for XIMETA,Inc NDAS device driver for Linux operating system
     ndas-admin – This program allows the user to register/enable/disable/unregister the XIMETA NDAS hard disk.
     (Converted from a rpm package by alien version 8.53.)

Fixed. Hope this helps someone else.

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ATI Radeon Mobility X700 Video card on Ubuntu

When I first installed Ubuntu Linux on my Laptop I could not get it to work properly with the ATI Radeon Mobility X700. After a lot of searching and installing loads of rubish on my computer I then gave up. I later found one, stupidly simple way of dealing with it but no one had mentioned it in anywhere. Ubuntu has  a tool for managing proprietary drivers, it lives under Main Menu>>System>>Administration>>Hardware Drivers

After installing the proprietary driver you can enable the advanced video effects:

  1. right-click on the desktop
  2. select “Change Desktop Background”,
  3. click on the tab Visual Efects and select you choice.

It does work nicely .I found that it flickers while using high resolution video applications like Second Life or playing games so all you need is to disable the advanced Visual effects before using these programmes.

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Gnomesu – Running Applications as Root on Linux

Sometimes (just sometimes) a Linux Desktop user needs to run a program eg: Nautilus as the root user which you can easily do with the commandline $sudo nautilus.  If you have the command line shell open why not do you file management throught it? Well it’s nice to have more options like a Desktop launcher (Shortcut) that will open an application as root and prompt for the root password (all as a GUI).

This can be achieved using gnomesu or kdesu, depending on the Desktop Manager. Installing is very easy, can be done via the CLI (Command Line Inteface) or usign your package manager by searching for libgnomesu0 and libgnomesu-common (for Gnome users), the kdesu comes installed as part of the base installation of  KDE.

The CLI installation route on Gnome
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