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New crowdsourcing place for inventors

If you like finding use for new ideas or are just into checking out neat innovations. Well this may be just for you. Marblar.com is a new crowd-sourcing service to connect inventors and people who like finding homes for inventions.

“There are a lot of dormant inventions just gathering dust in research universities,” says Daniel Perez, Marblar’s CEO

The team, formed by three UK-based PhD students (one American, one German and one British) is planning to launch their beta near September.

Is Marblar for you?

(Extracted from Marblar.com )

So who are you? You might be a current scientist, a recovering scientist, a revolutionary, or just really into checking out neat innovations. Well, Marblar’s a right-brained buffet – and we’re about to open the kitchen.

Who says finding homes for inventions can´t be fun? Who says the process has to be closed to just a select few? Marblar.com is a democratic playground for creativity. You´ve got great ideas and we´ve got great inventions. As a Marblar you´ll be part of an artistic community and earn marbles for flexing your imagination in the service of science.

So there you have it. You´re a creative beast. The left brains sure aren´t starting the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

You are. – Join today.




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MSL Curiosity successful landing

Curiosity roverThe Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) spacecraft that carried Curiosity succeeded in every step of the most complex landing ever attempted on Mars.

The descent stage used rocket engines to reduce its speed and finally at about 35 meters (115 feet) above the surface, the Sky Crane system lowered Curiosity, wheels-down, toward the ground. It landed at the gentle speed of 0.6mph. Soon after landing the rover sent its first set of images of the red planet.

You can see the excitement of NASA engineers as Curiosity’s landing was confirmed.


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