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Stop Salesforce web-to-lead spam

Salesforce web to lead form is a great way of collecting leads straight from your website into Salesforce CRM. The biggest problem is that Salesforce has not put in place a SPAM filtre for this, so once your form is out there anyone can cache it and send SPAM to your CRM as a new lead.

What about CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA alone won’t help. Since the form can be submitted from any server, once they get hold of your web to lead OID, they can cache your form, remove the CAPTCHA and continue to SPAM you.

At the moment I am using the following solution posted by Scott Hemmeter on his blog post “Stopping web to lead SPAM“. This solution is to setup a Validation Rule in Salesforce in order to avoid SPAM leads being created.

Let’s hope Salesforce will come up with a way of checking and stopping web to lead SPAM.

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Salesforce to Outlook error

Having recently upgraded most of the computers at work with MS Office 2010, the only option we had was to also upgrade the Salesforce to Outlook add-in. On some of the machines the updated add-in from Salesforce worked well, but on others it would not sync. Looking through the sync log I found the following error:

Sfdc.Outlook.OLPropertiesInvalidException: Unhandled outlook property type non-Unicode PST found

This problem happens when the Outlook data file (PST) is old and have not been upgraded during MS Office installation. The fix is simple.

  1. Create a new Outlook data file (this will create a new set of local folders)
  2. Import the data from the old data file to the new one (to find out where the old data file is, go back to step one and select “View file location”)
  3. Set the new data folder to default (same place as in step 1)
  4. Restart Outlook
  5. If import was correct you can remove the old data file so you do not have duplicated content showing on your Outlook panel.
  6. Go through the ‘Salesforce to Outlook’ settings and make sure to select the newly created set of local folders.

Disclaimer: These steps worked very well for me and are shared as advice only, the author accepts no responsability for loss of data. Make sure you have backups of your data file in case something goes wrong.

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