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Truecrypt Failed to set up a loop device in openSUSE

If you are getting the error message “Failed to set up a loop device” while mounting Truecrypt media on Linux, especially in openSUSE, there’s a simple fix. Normally I have to browse through various forums to find different bits of information to fix a problem, and I normally post the full fix here. This fix is so simple that I’ll link directly to it on openSUSE’s support forum.

Fix: TrueCrypt issue – Failed to set up a loop device

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Auto start a program on Gnome 3

This is probably my shortest post, but I hope it’s as helpful to others as it will be for me as I need to remember how to auto start a program in Gnome 3.

  1. press: alt + F2
  2. Type: gnome-session-properties
  3. Click on “+ Add”
  4. Name: Application Name
  5. Command: Application command e.g: skype
  6. Click “+ Add” and you are done.


Gnome session properties

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Echofon shamefully drops Firefox for Linux

Echofon has officially announced it is dropping support for Custom build Firefox, so it will no longer work with “minor” platforms. How dare you Echofon!?  This is such short sightedness.

Apparently the previous version ( of the Echofon plugin to Firefox still works, but I would appreciate suggestions for a different Firefox plugin. I would be happy to ditch Echophon alltogether, it was a good product untill the developers killed it for me.

If you get the error –  Echofon does not support this platform or custom build Firefox. (Can’t get OAuth signer.) / Cc[‘@naan.net/twitterfox-sign;1’] is undefined (Fx version 3.6.8 / ABI x86-gcc3) – according to the Echofon developers you are using a minor platform, and that includes 64bit build on Mac and Windows..

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OpenSUSE Build Service will be added to the Linux Developer Network

The openSUSE Project and the Linux Foundation today jointly announced that the openSUSE Build Service will be added to the Linux Developer Network (LDN).

The openSUSE® Build Service is the only development platform that enables developers to package software for all major Linux* distributions, and is used to provide transparent infrastructure for the creation of the entire openSUSE distribution. Additionally, the openSUSE Project, a Novell sponsored and community-supported open source project, announced a new release of the openSUSE Build Service with support for compiling for the ARM platform.

OpenSuse in currently on version 11.1, this release includes a ton of new features and improvements, an improved desktop experience with GNOME 2.24 and KDE 4.1.3, OpenOffice.org 3.0, YaST improvements, updated Linux kernel, and much more.

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OpenSuse – run IFCONFIG as user

OPenSUSE 11.1 surprised me when I was denied to run IFCONFIG as a normal user and also as SUDO. There is an easy way around it, just create an alias link to the /sbin/ifconfig file.

$alias ifconfig=’/sbin/ifconfig’

Now you can run IFCONFIG with your user account.

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