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Android to iPhone Apps with XML

Why has no one thought of it before….. ? You may ask. But someone now has.  The XMLVM project was created by Arno Puder and his team at San Francisco State University.  What it does is provide a bridge between disparate compile-time and run-time environments — in a word cross-compiling, as described by  Frank Ableson on the Linux Magazine website

XMLVM serves as an umbrella for several projects. For all projects, a Java class file or a .NET executable is first translated to an XML-document. Based on the XML-document generated by the front-end, various transformations are possible. (extracted)

The possibilities are immense, but I think it will really take off in the mobile market with Applications being able to run cross-platform from Android to iPhone and so on.

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Mozilla FENNEC – the Firefox gone mobile

Bringing Firefox‘s features, security, performance and ease-of-use to mobile phones.  Fennec is yet in it’s Beta 1 version, it has been built on the same technology as the world famous Mozilla Firefox and has many of the same features.

  • Tabbed browsing
  • One-click bookmarking
  • Super easy navigation
  • Add-on ons (Firefox style)
  • touch-enabled interfaced optimized for the small screen

The interface is very intuitive, download the emulated version to run on your PC and check out this great browser.

Watch the video overview:

Fennec Beta 1 walkthrough from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.

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Spotify – listen to more than three million tracks legally and for free

Spotify is a streaming service, which lets fans listen to more than three
million tracks legally and for “free”, it has more than a million
users in the UK already. The system has 3 packages on offer, starting with “Free” (showing ads between songs), a Day Pass £0.99 (ad free) for 24hrs and a Premium Subscription for £9.99. All 3 packages give you the ability to:

  • Search – Find and browse by artist, title, album, genre, year
  • Specify your own radio channel based on genre, year and artist
  • Share –  Create, share and collaborate on play lists and share links to music

The Premium package also comes with  exclusive access to pre-releases and concert ticket lotteries.

The company plans to expand it’s service to the mobile market and beyond the UK. They also expect to announce a deal with fellow streaming
site Last.fm to provide song recommendations, making it easier for fans
to find acts they like.

Spotify can be downloaded from http://www.spotify.com and currently works on Mac and Windows, and  there’s a tutorial on their site on how to run it on Linux using Wine. Again a company wanting to go global has started by cutting corners with the Linux community, an easy but unforgivable mistake to make.

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Google Latitude

Google Latitude is a new function added to Google Earth for mobile phones. Latitude service uses data from mobile phone masts, GPS, or wi-fi hardware to update a user’s location automatically. Users can choose to share their location with friends.

Latitude is based on Google’s My Location feature that has been in place since 2008. It can be downloaded by pointing your mobiles browser to http://google.com/latitude. It currently works with:

  • Android Powered devices
  • IPhone & IPod Touch
  • Most Blackberries
  • Most Windows Mobile 5.0 and Symbian S60
  • (J2ME) Java enabled devices like the Samsung Tocco to be available soon

Security and privacy concerns

The BBC Technology website has released an article on the concerns over the security and privacy issues this new Google feature may bring to its users.

“..privacy watchdog Privacy International argues that there are

opportunities for abuse of the system for those who may not know that

their phone is broadcasting its location.” – Extracted from BBC Technology

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