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Truecrypt Failed to set up a loop device in openSUSE

If you are getting the error message “Failed to set up a loop device” while mounting Truecrypt media on Linux, especially in openSUSE, there’s a simple fix. Normally I have to browse through various forums to find different bits of information to fix a problem, and I normally post the full fix here. This fix is so simple that I’ll link directly to it on openSUSE’s support forum.

Fix: TrueCrypt issue – Failed to set up a loop device

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Auto start a program on Gnome 3

This is probably my shortest post, but I hope it’s as helpful to others as it will be for me as I need to remember how to auto start a program in Gnome 3.

  1. press: alt + F2
  2. Type: gnome-session-properties
  3. Click on “+ Add”
  4. Name: Application Name
  5. Command: Application command e.g: skype
  6. Click “+ Add” and you are done.


Gnome session properties

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Show Desktop icons in Gnome 3 on Open SUSE 12.1

Open SUSE 12.1 comes with the completely redesigned Gnome 3 desktop, which in my opinion is the best one so far. I have been using Gnome for a few years now and even though I like the clean design of Gnome 3, I still like to have some desktop icons. To Show your Desktop icons on Open SUSE 12.1 is a very simple procedure,

  1. Go to Applications > Advanced Settings
  2. Select Desktop
  3. Set option “Have file manager handle the desktop” to ON

For other Versions of Linux you may need to install dbconf

Gnome 3 Applications Gnome 3 Desktop settings



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Arduino the Open Source hardware

If you are a thinker, a mad scientist in the making or just a curious ADD person like me, the Arduino boards are just what you are missing in life.

Arduino Uno BoardArduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple micro controller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board.

Arduino can be used to develop interactive objects, taking inputs from a variety of switches or sensors, and controlling a variety of lights, motors, and other physical outputs. Arduino projects can be stand-alone, or they can be communicate with software running on your computer .

Arduino hardware can be used in Windows, Mac or Linux. The boards can be assembled by hand or purchased pre-assembled and the open-source IDE (programming environment) can be downloaded for free.

There’s a great starting guide at http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage, but I have also been recommended this book:

30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius

This guide shows you how to program and build a variety of projects with the Arduino microcontroller development system. Covering Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, it gets you up to speed with the simplified C programming you need to know–no prior programming experience necessary.

You can find more books and arduino boards and components on here.

Examples of what one can accomplish with Arduino:





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Spotify crashes in Linux under Wine

I have been using Spotify on Linux for quite a while now, under Wine. Suddenly it decided not to work a any more.  I was getting the following error when trying to run the new 0.6.2 version.  “The program Spotify.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close.”

Trying to run it from the command line showed me yet another error message: “wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000068 at address 0x7bc368b5 (thread 0042), starting debugger…”

UPDATE: Please first try the WinHTTP.dll fix posted by Nick in the comments section.

My simple solution: After searching in various forums and blogs and trying a myriad of  “fixes” that took me nowhere. The simplest answer I found was to remove the Spotify app from Facebook. I can now listen to my Spotify  play lists on my Open SUSE Linux. It does mean that you will be without the Facebook integration, which for me is not a big deal.

To delete Spotify from your Facebook account go to Privacy Setting >> Apps and Websites >> edit (Spotify) >> remove application

Spotify does have a Linux version of its software, which is currently in preview version and only available for Debian/Ubuntu  paid subscribers.  On their website they said: “As we haven’t found a reliable way to display ads yet, this version (Linux Preview) is only available to Spotify Premium and Unlimited subscribers. ”  Fair enough I would say…

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