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Auto start a program on Gnome 3

This is probably my shortest post, but I hope it’s as helpful to others as it will be for me as I need to remember how to auto start a program in Gnome 3.

  1. press: alt + F2
  2. Type: gnome-session-properties
  3. Click on “+ Add”
  4. Name: Application Name
  5. Command: Application command e.g: skype
  6. Click “+ Add” and you are done.


Gnome session properties

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Gnomesu – Running Applications as Root on Linux

Sometimes (just sometimes) a Linux Desktop user needs to run a program eg: Nautilus as the root user which you can easily do with the commandline $sudo nautilus.  If you have the command line shell open why not do you file management throught it? Well it’s nice to have more options like a Desktop launcher (Shortcut) that will open an application as root and prompt for the root password (all as a GUI).

This can be achieved using gnomesu or kdesu, depending on the Desktop Manager. Installing is very easy, can be done via the CLI (Command Line Inteface) or usign your package manager by searching for libgnomesu0 and libgnomesu-common (for Gnome users), the kdesu comes installed as part of the base installation of  KDE.

The CLI installation route on Gnome
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