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Virginmedia has bad customer service

Having had services from Virgin Media before I decide to go back with them for my broadband at my new place. I did that against all the bad comments from others about their bad customer services and slowness in getting your connection setup. Well here is how it went.

  • Called Virgin Media to setup connection..
  • VM: “oh sir we need first month payment up front and we can get you connected”
  • ok Payment made
  • VM: “Now let’s arrange your connection date … I am afraid the earliest available slot is on the 12th of July (in 3 weeks time)”
  • ME: “How come? Can’t you do it sooner….”
  • VM: “I am afraid not”
  • Installation day ( 3 weeks later)
  • VM Engineer: “Sorry mate we cannot connect your cable, it would have to go over someone else’s business sign,we cannot do that”
  • ME (calling VM): “Can I get the account cancelled and upfront payment reimbursed to my card?”
  • VM: “Just hold the line a second.”
  • 15 min later
  • VM: “Sorry about the wait, yes that can be done, your reimbursement will take 3 weeks”
  • ME: “How come? I had to pay it on the spot. Why do I have to wait 3 weeks for my money back?”
  • VM: “Sorry sir, but that’s how it is. Have a good day!”

So I had to log this here. It’s appalling that as a customer I can get treated this bad. Now I am wondering if I should go with Sky, I heard that they are just as bad. Can anyone share any light on their experiences with Sky and other broadband providers in the UK?

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Cheaper Phone Calls with Vonage (VOIP)

Vonage is a low-cost phone company. They offer unlimited‡ phone calls around the world, all for a set monthly fee.

Instead of using a physical landline , Vonage works by using your existing broadband connection (without slowing it down). That’s why it’s so much cheaper.

You use Vonage just like you use the phone service you’ve got now. Once you’re set up, you carry on making and receiving calls just like you did before. Just pick up the phone, no headsets required, wait for the dialling tone, and then punch in the number. The only difference you’ll see will be in your bills, which will be much lower.

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