Google’s Orkut is more popular than Facebook in Brazil

Google’s Orkut is still the most used Social network in Brazil according to ComScore.  Their research revealed that in August 2010, more than 36 million Internet users age 15 and older visited a social networking destination from a home or work location in Brazil, with an average visitor spending more than 4 hours a month on social networking sites and viewing 585 pages of content.

Orkut ranked as the most-visited social networking destination, reaching 29.4 million visitors, followed by Windows Live Profile with 12.5 million visitors. secured the #3 spot with nearly 9 million visitors while reached 8.6 million visitors.

Orkut displayed by far the strongest audience engagement with visitors averaging 4.6 hours on the site during the month, viewing 657 pages of content on average and visiting the site on 35 different occasions.   View official post on

Orkut beats Facebook in Brazil

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