Fix associate-o-matic images not showing

After moving a clients Associate-o-matic store to a new hosting, images have stopped showing. If we attempted to view the image the following error would appear:

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]:… File(/aom/img.php) is not within the allowed path(s)

Even after updating to the new version of AOM I could not get it  to work. The work around I found is to use cURL intead of file_get_contents();  To do this I followed these simple steps.

  1. Download and open file /aom/img.php
  2. copy the function CURL replacement for file_get_contents to the end of the file before ?>
  3. comment out the line echo file_get_contents($img); (just add # at the start of the line, do this for both instances of the line)
  4. add echo file_get_contents_curl($img); under both lines you have just commented out.
  5. Save and upload the file.




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New crowdsourcing place for inventors

If you like finding use for new ideas or are just into checking out neat innovations. Well this may be just for you. is a new crowd-sourcing service to connect inventors and people who like finding homes for inventions.

“There are a lot of dormant inventions just gathering dust in research universities,” says Daniel Perez, Marblar’s CEO

The team, formed by three UK-based PhD students (one American, one German and one British) is planning to launch their beta near September.

Is Marblar for you?

(Extracted from )

So who are you? You might be a current scientist, a recovering scientist, a revolutionary, or just really into checking out neat innovations. Well, Marblar’s a right-brained buffet – and we’re about to open the kitchen.

Who says finding homes for inventions can´t be fun? Who says the process has to be closed to just a select few? is a democratic playground for creativity. You´ve got great ideas and we´ve got great inventions. As a Marblar you´ll be part of an artistic community and earn marbles for flexing your imagination in the service of science.

So there you have it. You´re a creative beast. The left brains sure aren´t starting the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

You are. – Join today.




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MSL Curiosity successful landing

Curiosity roverThe Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) spacecraft that carried Curiosity succeeded in every step of the most complex landing ever attempted on Mars.

The descent stage used rocket engines to reduce its speed and finally at about 35 meters (115 feet) above the surface, the Sky Crane system lowered Curiosity, wheels-down, toward the ground. It landed at the gentle speed of 0.6mph. Soon after landing the rover sent its first set of images of the red planet.

You can see the excitement of NASA engineers as Curiosity’s landing was confirmed.


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MSL Curiosity Rover’s Mars landing

The Mars Science Laboratory mission (MSL) is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of Mars.

The Curiosity rover, which was designed to assess whether Mars ever had an environment able to support small life forms and to determine the planet’s “habitability”, will land on the red planet on the 5th of August 2012.

The landing

Weighing in at 1 ton, Curiosity much heavier than NASA’s previous Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, and cannot land with the assistance of cushioning airbags. Instead, parachutes will slow the MSL descent stage toward Mars at first. Then, the descent stage will use rocket engines to reduce its speed further. Finally, at about 35 meters (115 feet) above the surface, the Sky Crane system will lower Curiosity, wheels-down, toward the ground, attached to nylon tethers. The rover is designed to be gently settled on the surface, after which the Sky Crane will detach and fly off to land a distance away.

Watch live

NASA will webcast the MSL landing.

Aug 5 – 10:31 p.m. Pacific

Aug 6 – 1:31 a.m.  Eastern

Aug 6 –  6:31 a.m. UK



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Salesforce to Outlook error

Having recently upgraded most of the computers at work with MS Office 2010, the only option we had was to also upgrade the Salesforce to Outlook add-in. On some of the machines the updated add-in from Salesforce worked well, but on others it would not sync. Looking through the sync log I found the following error:

Sfdc.Outlook.OLPropertiesInvalidException: Unhandled outlook property type non-Unicode PST found

This problem happens when the Outlook data file (PST) is old and have not been upgraded during MS Office installation. The fix is simple.

  1. Create a new Outlook data file (this will create a new set of local folders)
  2. Import the data from the old data file to the new one (to find out where the old data file is, go back to step one and select “View file location”)
  3. Set the new data folder to default (same place as in step 1)
  4. Restart Outlook
  5. If import was correct you can remove the old data file so you do not have duplicated content showing on your Outlook panel.
  6. Go through the ‘Salesforce to Outlook’ settings and make sure to select the newly created set of local folders.

Disclaimer: These steps worked very well for me and are shared as advice only, the author accepts no responsability for loss of data. Make sure you have backups of your data file in case something goes wrong.

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