Show Desktop icons in Gnome 3 on Open SUSE 12.1

Open SUSE 12.1 comes with the completely redesigned Gnome 3 desktop, which in my opinion is the best one so far. I have been using Gnome for a few years now and even though I like the clean design of Gnome 3, I still like to have some desktop icons. To Show your Desktop icons on Open SUSE 12.1 is a very simple procedure,

  1. Go to Applications > Advanced Settings
  2. Select Desktop
  3. Set option “Have file manager handle the desktop” to ON

For other Versions of Linux you may need to install dbconf

Gnome 3 Applications Gnome 3 Desktop settings



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  1. Hi,

    I set option “Have file manager handle the desktop” to ON in the Advanced Settings, but there is no icons appear on my desktop. What might be wrong? and what should I do to fix the problem? Thanks.

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