The Penguin is helping save the Tasmanian Devil

Tux (the Linux Penguin) is going on vacation for a while to give TUZ (a Tasmanian devil wearing a penguin mask) a season as the official Linux Kernel Mascot. 

It turns out that Tasmanian devils are currently endangered by an especially nasty form of communicable cancer. The lca2009 organizers decided to dedicate the event’s traditional charity auction to the cause of helping research into this disease. This auction surpassed everybody’s expectations, raising some AU$40,000 for the campaign to save the devil.
In the process, it also treated attendees to the sight of Linus Torvalds shaving Bdale Garbee’s beard.

After returning home, Linus decided to help raise awareness of the Tasmanian devil’s plight by bringing in Tuz for a kernel cycle. (extracted from the linux Foundation)

Check out “Save the Tasmanian Devil” for more info and to donate.

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