Linutop the smallest desktop

With the arrival of the NetBooks what has happend with the likes of Linutop the Linux based ready-to-use small desktop computer.

Linutop’s operating system is stored on an internal flash memory and it comes with free standard ready-to-use Linux software: Firefox, Open Office, VLC Media player… and can be easily customized with additional software.

With no moving parts, Linutop offers a completely silent (0 dB), energy-efficient operation in an extremely small package.

There are many uses for such a small computer: Internet Kiosk, Office Desktop, Library Desktop, Schools, elevators, sales point, vending machines, halls, presentation.

I am thinking of other applications for this tiny PC:

  • in car entertainment system, attached to a small usb touchscreen
  • a small web server to serve local applications
  • a local proxy server with Squid and squidGuard Content Filtre
  • a local Nagios Monitoring System
  • a backup system or file server attached to external Storage devices
  • Local Network Firewall
  • and the list goes on

Basically a few of these little beasts can run a whole business.

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