Google Android OS on Notebooks

A developer team on has reported that they can get Google’s Android to run on netbooks. Long before Andoid was released there were rumors about its use not being restric to mobiles. The Venturabeast team claim to have made it work on a EeePC 1000h within 4 hours as reported by the Linux Magazine online.

The largest challenge was to adapt the ARM processor optimized code to the x86 architecture of the Intel Atom processors. Fortunately the Google team could take some guidance from previous work they had put into it. And they didn’t need drivers in that the 2.6 kernel code already contained the necessary modules. “

Google claims to have created the first open, free mobile platform but many would say they were the first to launch, apparently OpenMoko was idealized long before the Android but sadly it’s still on its development stages. If only some big names like Google had put their power behind them!

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