BBC iPlayer for Linux and Mac – UK Only

BBC has announced the Desktop version of the iPlayer for linux and Macs. With the desktop version the user can download previous programmes and keep them for up to 30 days on their computers. Programmes are available for 7 days after they have been shown on T.V.

The new version of the iPlayer has been written with Adobe’s AIR
which aims to make it possible to create applications that
can be downloaded to your computer, rather than just embedded in
browser web pages as is possible with the widely used Flash software.

Those who want to try the new player must first install Adobe
AIR and then get the trial version by signing up to be an iPlayer Labs
tester via the iPlayer site.

A beta version of the BBC iPlayer Desktop that uses the Adobe AIR
technology was made available on 18 December with a finished version
likely to be released in February 2009.

To download the iPlayer just visit the site and select a programme to watch, under the flash player there will be the Download option which will then guide you through the installation of the progrreamme and also Adobe Air.

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