ATI Radeon Mobility X700 Video card on Ubuntu

When I first installed Ubuntu Linux on my Laptop I could not get it to work properly with the ATI Radeon Mobility X700. After a lot of searching and installing loads of rubish on my computer I then gave up. I later found one, stupidly simple way of dealing with it but no one had mentioned it in anywhere. Ubuntu has  a tool for managing proprietary drivers, it lives under Main Menu>>System>>Administration>>Hardware Drivers

After installing the proprietary driver you can enable the advanced video effects:

  1. right-click on the desktop
  2. select “Change Desktop Background”,
  3. click on the tab Visual Efects and select you choice.

It does work nicely .I found that it flickers while using high resolution video applications like Second Life or playing games so all you need is to disable the advanced Visual effects before using these programmes.

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