chpasswd(8) chpasswd(8)

chpasswd – change user passwords in batch

chpasswd [-D binddn] [-P path] [-c des|md5|blowfish | -e] [file]

chpasswd changes passwords for user accounts in batch. It reads a list
of login and password pairs from standard input or a file and uses this
information to update the passwords of this user accounts. The named
account must exist and the password age will be updated. Each input
line is of the format:


If the hash algorithmus is not given on the commandline, the value of
GROUP_CRYPT or, if not specified, CRYPT from /etc/default/passwd is
used as hash algorithmus. If not configured, the traditinal des algo-
rithmus is used.

-c des|md5|blowfish
This option specifies the hash algorithmus, which should be used
to encrypt the passwords.

-e The passwords are expected to be in encrypted form. Normally the
passwords are expected to be cleartext.

-D, –binddn binddn
Use the Distinguished Name binddn to bind to the LDAP directory.
The user will be prompted for a password for simple authentica-

-P, –path path
The passwd and shadow files are located below the specified
directory path. chpasswd will use this files, not /etc/passwd
and /etc/shadow.

/etc/default/passwd – default values for password hash

passwd(1), passwd(5), shadow(5)

Thorsten Kukuk <>

pwdutils Feburary 2004 chpasswd(8)

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