Apple Sized Multi-touch Display

Sphere, which is the size and weight of an apple (and can also be recharged by opening a leaf like petal), can display an interactive world map (such as Google Earth), navigate the web or interact with applications. The device supports multi-touch interactions for zoom, selection, as well as 6 degree rotational and gyroscopic actions, with particular application in interactive games or complex control situations such as interacting with a nearby 3D screen or virtual space.  – extracted

Some people have dismissed it as April Fools joke…. not sure if it is or not but I think we would like to believe that a folding multitouch display with an always-on net connection and gyroscopic interface elements that can also be used folded flat exists.

Although described as “Apple sized”, to my happiness the word ‘Apple’ only relates to its size and not the company behind it.

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