Youtube decides to block UK music videos

According to the BBC Technology News website, Youtube is about to pull the plug on UK music videos.  This comes as Youtube and PRS fail to reach a new agreement on the payment of license fees. YouTube pays a licence to the PRS which covers the streaming of music videos from three of the four major music labels and many independent labels.

Patrick Walker, YouTube’s director of video partnerships, told BBC News that the move was “regrettable”.

Steve Porter, head of the PRS, said he was “outraged… shocked and disappointed” by YouTube’s decision.

In a statement, Mr Porter said the move “punishes
British consumers and the songwriters whose interests we protect and

The PRS has asked YouTube to reconsider its decision as a “matter of urgency”. – extracted from BBC technology

Videos will begin to be blocked from 1800 GMT with the majority of them made inaccessible over the next two days.

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