Space Travel with Finnair

Finnair seems to be really serious about it’s future, they already have planned a Space Hotel’s Service Ship. It would serve Space hotel guests to their destination in space. Sadly they state that there would be no in-flight service. There are also other ideas on the site from personal private aircraft to Air Cruiser models.

Off course  this is all hypothetical but generates thinking and discussion, they have launched a site with the whole concept. Join their discussion forum and leave your thoughts.

“What will the world be like in 85 years’ time? How will we fly then?
There are no absolute answers, but the visions are fascinating”

Space Hotel’s Service Ship

Service ships carry passengers directly to the space hotel. Th ships
are designed to operate at high speed at all levels of the atmosphere.
Their shape is based on an arrow-like overall appearance with
aerodynamic, soft curves. This minimises air resistance and heating of
the fuselage. The ships have no special comforts, and no food or drinks
are served.

The space hotel is positioned at an altitude of approximately 500
kilometres, in an orbit that takes the hotel around the Earth every
nine hours.

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