MovieStorm create 3D animated movies to share

Movie Storm ThumbnailMoviestorm consists of a suite of easy-to-use movie-making tools which underpins a Web 2.0 social media service targeting both movie creators and viewers with support from major media and consumer brand owners.

  • The Moviestorm base engine gives content creators the ability to make 3D animated movies quickly and easily, using machinima technology.  The base engine is available as a free download from the Moviestorm Web site, bundled with some free content (characters, props, sets, animations, etc).
  • Movie-makers will be able to expand their movie-making capabilities by purchasing additional content packs which we produce.  We are developing a marketplace to allow third party content creators to produce content packs and sell them through us, and we are working with leading brand and IP owners to produce branded content packs and engage in an innovative form of product placement within user-generated video content.
  • Moviestorm includes a high-quality video hosting service which can deliver user-generated videos to the Web and in due course, mobile, and an online community where movie-makers can talk about their movies, find collaborators, and organise online events. (from the MovieStorm About page)

Only available for Windows and Mac, it has apparently been developed in Java, so I wonder why not a Linux version yet. You might get it to work under Linux using Wine provided that the sound libraries are properly installed.

The BBC technology programme Click presented MovieStorm in one of its programmes, see BBC Click.

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