Setting up multiple WiFi devices

I was recently having connectivity issues at home, with the wireless router being at one end of the flat and the living room right at the other end. Having an ethernet connection in the living room, I decided to add a secondary WiFi and dug up an “old” Netgear wireless AP.

Not wanting to keep switching from Wireless #1 to wireless #2 all the time, depending on which was in closer range, I decided to give the devices the exact same name. Now it doesn’t matter where I am in my flat I am always connected to the same wireless network, and with a 100% strength.¬† The trick for it to work well is:

  1. Each device has a different IP address within the same subnet
  2. Both devices have the same SSID
  3. Each device broadcast on a different channel
  4. both devices use the same security settings (WPA is safer than WEP) and same access key



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