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Spotify crashes in Linux under Wine

I have been using Spotify on Linux for quite a while now, under Wine. Suddenly it decided not to work a any more.  I was getting the following error when trying to run the new 0.6.2 version.  “The program Spotify.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close.”

Trying to run it from the command line showed me yet another error message: “wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000068 at address 0x7bc368b5 (thread 0042), starting debugger…”

UPDATE: Please first try the WinHTTP.dll fix posted by Nick in the comments section.

My simple solution: After searching in various forums and blogs and trying a myriad of  “fixes” that took me nowhere. The simplest answer I found was to remove the Spotify app from Facebook. I can now listen to my Spotify  play lists on my Open SUSE Linux. It does mean that you will be without the Facebook integration, which for me is not a big deal.

To delete Spotify from your Facebook account go to Privacy Setting >> Apps and Websites >> edit (Spotify) >> remove application

Spotify does have a Linux version of its software, which is currently in preview version and only available for Debian/Ubuntu  paid subscribers.  On their website they said: “As we haven’t found a reliable way to display ads yet, this version (Linux Preview) is only available to Spotify Premium and Unlimited subscribers. ”  Fair enough I would say…

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Using Google Alerts to follow your brand and competitors

Alert‘Google Alerts’ is still on Beta but proves to be a very handy tool. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.  Some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

* monitoring what’s being said about your company or brand online
* keeping current on a competitor or industry
* keeping tabs on your favourite sports teams
* Keeping tabs on backlinks to your blog  (also available on google webmastertools)
* Keeping tabs on contents of comments in your blog
* and more

You can use a combination of more advanced features of Google Web Search to setup your Alerts. 

A good example of brand monitoring is this blog post  “What Are They Saying About You Online?” by Michael Hyatt in his Intentional Leadership Blog.

Google Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues

Great tips on the use of Redirect 301 and rel=canonical among some other good stuff.

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YouTube UK pays up to show Music Videos

After reaching a deal with PRS for Music and agreeing to paying up an undisclosed lump sum of money, YouTube UK is now able to resume playing Music videos for its users. Neither sides have revealed the amount of money paid by the Google owned company but it’s large enough to backdate payments until January 2009 and last until 2012.

Both companies were quoted on the BBC technology website saying:

A spokesman for PRS for Music, formerly known as the Performing Rights Society, said: “It is a lump sum deal which seems to work for YouTube’s business model and offers recompense for our 60,000 members. We can be friends again.”

A spokesman for YouTube said the “tens of thousands” of videos which had disappeared “will come back over the next few days”. 

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Firefox Add-on Collector

Now you can have a list of your favourite Firefox Add-ons to share. I have always tried to keep a list in my bookmarks of the Add-ons I find most useful and normally recommend to people, now life has become much easier.

Discover more of the best add-ons and organize your favourites in easy-to-manage collections. Subscribe to see how the collections you admire grow, and fans follow when you manage and update your own collections with Mozilla Firefox Add-on Collector.

You can have a look at my small collection at

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