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Mobile Apps overload?

The “There’s an App for that” claim for the iPhone makes me cringe. How many of the Apps we have in our mobile devices do we actually use?

I am not  a good exmaple to start with as I am not an early adopter of anything technical and I tend to stay away from what the crowd goes for, so any Apple device is a no go area for me. I have though not too long ago acquired an Android powered device which I really like. I have browsed the Android App store up and down and tested a number of Apps, some cool stuff but I only keep the ones I actually use.

Here is my humble short list of favourites

  • Gmail App (native to Android)
  • Peep (for Twitter)
  • Facebook (on the mobile browser)
  • Orkut (on the mobile browser)
  • Google Maps (use it a lot in conjunction with GPS)
  • Google Calendar sync (native to Android)
  • Music player (native to Android)
  • File Browser
  • gStrings (Guitar tuner)
  • Youtube (native to Android)
  • Droid Locator
  • A couple of games
  • Daily Sudoku (Embarrassing I know, but great for calming my ADHD)

How overloaded is your mobile? What are your must have Apps?

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Tweetdeck for Android

AndroidTweetDeck is yet to deliver an App for Android phones, it’s another company entangled with the Apple cult and leaving users of other mobile devices lagging behind.  I would be more interested in boycotting the the whole application, but this may not be the best route, so contrary to what TweetDeck is doing I once again I call upon the support of all Android users and sympathisers to request a TweetDeck App for Android.  Like we have done for the App for Android (please continue to request this one also).

Digg on The Go App for Android and the iPhone has announced the availability of the Digg on the go App  for Android phones and iPhones. To download the app just visit and install the the application.

Check out the the official announcement.

Request the books application for Android

I am deeply shocked at for not having an app for Android. They claim that “the Android media player does not allow playback of our titles“… right.  Anyway they are now attempting to get the ball rolling for an App for Android in 2010. There’s a signup for upcoming  beta testing on their website and I urge every Android user (or user to be) to sign up and put a little bit more pressure on them.

Android is a great mobile platform and companies like (an Amazon associate) are stalling its growth with short sightedness.

UPDATE from comment by JP White: “A Beta Audible app is now available for Android devices.  Read more at

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Android to iPhone Apps with XML

Why has no one thought of it before….. ? You may ask. But someone now has.  The XMLVM project was created by Arno Puder and his team at San Francisco State University.  What it does is provide a bridge between disparate compile-time and run-time environments — in a word cross-compiling, as described by  Frank Ableson on the Linux Magazine website

XMLVM serves as an umbrella for several projects. For all projects, a Java class file or a .NET executable is first translated to an XML-document. Based on the XML-document generated by the front-end, various transformations are possible. (extracted)

The possibilities are immense, but I think it will really take off in the mobile market with Applications being able to run cross-platform from Android to iPhone and so on.

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