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Salesforce to Outlook error

Having recently upgraded most of the computers at work with MS Office 2010, the only option we had was to also upgrade the Salesforce to Outlook add-in. On some of the machines the updated add-in from Salesforce worked well, but on others it would not sync. Looking through the sync log I found the following error:

Sfdc.Outlook.OLPropertiesInvalidException: Unhandled outlook property type non-Unicode PST found

This problem happens when the Outlook data file (PST) is old and have not been upgraded during MS Office installation. The fix is simple.

  1. Create a new Outlook data file (this will create a new set of local folders)
  2. Import the data from the old data file to the new one (to find out where the old data file is, go back to step one and select “View file location”)
  3. Set the new data folder to default (same place as in step 1)
  4. Restart Outlook
  5. If import was correct you can remove the old data file so you do not have duplicated content showing on your Outlook panel.
  6. Go through the ‘Salesforce to Outlook’ settings and make sure to select the newly created set of local folders.

Disclaimer: These steps worked very well for me and are shared as advice only, the author accepts no responsability for loss of data. Make sure you have backups of your data file in case something goes wrong.

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Fix Java install error 1334 and Error 1723

I was getting the following installation errors while attempting to install Java on a client’s laptop.

Error 1334. The file ‘patchjre.exe’ cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file ‘’.

Error 1723. There is a problem with this Windows installer package.

Both errors can occur while installing Java and similar errors can occur while installing or uninstalling any other software. This is caused by an error during the uninstall process which corrupts the registry.

Microsoft has a very nice tool for fixing installation problems which is part of its Fix it Center Online (currently in Beta).

To fix this error go to

  • Run the application
  • Select option “Recommended (find and fix)”
  • Select Uninstall Program
  • Select program from list and click next

If you have more than one programme giving you trouble, run this same procedure for each one of them.

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Removing the Windows XP Security 2011 malware

There has been a surge in computers infected with the Windows XP Security spyware. The user is normally affected by clicking on a very convincing fake Windows XP security warning displayed on infected websites.   Once the malware is installed, it continues to display pop-ups with security warnings and installs a heap of trojans  on the computer. This malware also disables all .exe files, making it impossible for the user to run anti virus scanners and malware removers. Here is how I recently removed this pest.

  1. Disconnect your computer from the internet, this malware installs trojans which will make your computer vulnerable to remote access. Use another computer to download the following programmes, then run/install them on your infected computer in the following order.
  2. RKILL stops the malware process ( )  – Note, the malware process did come back, but this gave me enough time to execute the next  step.
  3. xp_exe_fix.reg ( you can read more about it here ) – This will fix your registry and enable the running of .EXE files, so you can install a malware remover and run your virus scan.
  4. Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware – it’s a simple and easy to use anti-malware by Malwarebytes. Install and run, it will ask you to update, reconnect the internet and allow it to update, disconnect internet after update is done. Run the full scan.
  5. After malware scan finishes, click on “Remove Selected” to remove all malware from your computer.  After removal, reboot as instructed and your computer should be free.


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Microsoft’s Street Slide View is so unMicrosoft

Microsoft Research Street slide View managed to do what Google’s Street View failed to do.. oops “is missing”. After watching the video my only comment was, wow this is so unMicrosoft, this is cool.  Microsoft Research has not yet announced if and when it will be making it to the Bing Maps, or any Microsoft products. But for now you can see a quick demo of how it works.

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