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Facebook acquires Bing

Facebook has finally entered the Search war with Google. With the acquisition of Microsoft’s Bing search engine, the company will be head to head with Google and is expected to bypass the search giant within a year. See official statement.

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Echofon shamefully drops Firefox for Linux

Echofon has officially announced it is dropping support for Custom build Firefox, so it will no longer work with “minor” platforms. How dare you Echofon!?  This is such short sightedness.

Apparently the previous version ( of the Echofon plugin to Firefox still works, but I would appreciate suggestions for a different Firefox plugin. I would be happy to ditch Echophon alltogether, it was a good product untill the developers killed it for me.

If you get the error –  Echofon does not support this platform or custom build Firefox. (Can’t get OAuth signer.) / Cc[‘;1’] is undefined (Fx version 3.6.8 / ABI x86-gcc3) – according to the Echofon developers you are using a minor platform, and that includes 64bit build on Mac and Windows..

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Apple announces Flash add-on for the iPad

On the 28th of  March  Apple has announced via its website that even though the iPad will still be shipped without flash support, users will be able to download a Flash add-on  from their  website.   To Download the add-on (  I would call it a patch) you can go here.

Finally Mr Jobs has done something sensible.

Changing your YouTube video thumbnail

Is it possible to change a YouTube  video thumbnail? The thumbnail is a still frame that represents your video. When you upload a video to YouTube, it generates 3 still images from the video to be used as thumbnails, interesting enough the default image appears to be the second still.

You can use this tool to check the available thumbnails to any video.

Changing the thumbnail

You can only edit your own videos and only use the thumbnails generated by Youtube. To change a video thumbnail follow these steps.

1 – go to and login to your account
2 – Select “edit” on the desired video
3 – On the following page, under, “Video Thumbnail”, click on the thumbnail you wish to use. Once you’ve chosen your preferred still, the border around it will become highlighted.
4 – Then click on “Update Video”

It may take a few minutes for the change to show,  you may want to refresh your browser cache if the thumbnail does not appear.

WordPress TV

WordPress has launched “WordPress TV” a source of video tutorials and support. The developers expect that this new tool will be more than just another source of support for WordPress.

On, you’ll find tutorials for both WordPress self-installs and to help you get blogging fast and hassle-free. We’ve kicked things off with the basics — now you can shape what comes next. Just drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see added. ” – extracted from blog

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