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IPV4 is almost exhausted.. time for IPV6?

UK or US

According to Vint Cerf, vice-president of Google and the man dubbed “the godfather of the net”, Europe will run out of IPV4 addresses by mid 2011.  It’s time to switch to IPV6.

IPv6 was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and is described in Internet standard document RFC 2460, published in December 1998. It has the capacity to provide 3.4×1038 IP addresses (around 340 trillion, trillion, trillion), probably making NAT (Network Access Translation) something of the past.

Are network and system administrators ready for the change over? Are SMEs ready for the change over? It’s time for a bit more reading I guess.

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HTML5:Up and Running book out now

HTML5: Up and Running
By Mark Pilgrim
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Now Available at Amazon: U.S.A or UK

Even though work on HTML5 is ongoing, browsers such as Safari, Mozilla, Opera, and Chrome already support many of its features — and browsers for smart phones are even farther ahead, especially iPhone’s MobileSafari browser. With HTML5: Up & Running, you’ll learn how this new version enables browsers to interact with JavaScript much more easily than before. You’ll also learn how HTML5 can help you develop applications that:

  • Display video directly in the browser, without having to rely on plugins
  • Work even when a user is offline, by taking advantage of HTML5’s persistent storage
  • Offer a drawing canvas for dynamically generated 2-D graphics

This concise guide is the most complete and authoritative book you’ll find on the subject. Author Mark Pilgrim writes the weekly digest for the HTML5 Working Group, and represents Google at conferences on HTML5’s capabilities. Stay ahead of the curve. Order a copy of this book today. (extracted)

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Books for sale – Linux Shell, Qmail Handbook and SSL/TLS

I have selling on a copy of each of the following books:

Linux Shell Scripting with Bash (Paperback) (SOLD)
by Ken O. Burtch (Author)
Linux Shell Scripting with Bash will help you learn to not only get your system up and running quickly by employing the Bash shell, but it will also show you professional scripting solutions through the use of structured programming and standard Linux development tools. The book focuses on the Linux environment, which the shell relies on to function, and the robust Linux tool set, making this book ideal for learning shell scripting. Real-world scripts are included that are readable, extendable and easy to debug. This book is an asset to any Linux user.

The Qmail Handbook (Paperback)
by David Sill (Author)

qmail is used by hundreds of ISPs and thousands of other sites, including Hotmail since 1997, which has over 30 million users. qmail is popular because of its security, reliability, speed, low memory use, user-controlled mailing lists, straightforward administration, and much more! An Introduction to qmail is designed to guide system and mail administrators of all levels of experience through the installation, configuration, and maintenance of a qmail server.

SSl and TLS: Building and Designing Secure Systems (Paperback)
by Eric Rescorla (Author)

SSL and TLS: Designing and Building Secure Systems offers clear and comprehensive descriptions of these security protocols and their implementation, and also provides “designs”–tried and true templates that suit various scenarios. Armed with this book, you can become well versed in the importance of SSL and TLS, be able to work with them to provide solutions, and furthermore identify an appropriate tested “design” that will solve the security problems of a proposed new network installation.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO in PHP (Book)

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a new phenomenon with marketeers.  As a programmer/developer it’s very hard to find a good book on such a broad subject but recently I found this great book. The authors go about explaining and guiding you through exercises that are relevant for both programmers and marketeers.  It contains detailed chapters on Website Content, Links, Webmaster tools and MOD_REWRITE. The code snipets found in this book can be used as a good reference guide to any SEO project.  This book is for PHP Programmers but they have also published a .NET version.

If  you develop with this releted post can also be very helpfull:  SEO and WordPress

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