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Twitter prize claim scam

Be aware! There’s a prize claim scam appearing when a user first open It redirects you to a survey where you can claim an iPad, or a Mac book Air or an iPhone 4.¬† There’s al ist of comments at the bottom of the page which makes it look legitimate but the comments are not real, it’s just an image.

As usual common sense is a good thing.

Twitter Scam

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Virginmedia has bad customer service

Having had services from Virgin Media before I decide to go back with them for my broadband at my new place. I did that against all the bad comments from others about their bad customer services and slowness in getting your connection setup. Well here is how it went.

  • Called Virgin Media to setup connection..
  • VM: “oh sir we need first month payment up front and we can get you connected”
  • ok Payment made
  • VM: “Now let’s arrange your connection date … I am afraid the earliest available slot is on the 12th of July (in 3 weeks time)”
  • ME: “How come? Can’t you do it sooner….”
  • VM: “I am afraid not”
  • Installation day ( 3 weeks later)
  • VM Engineer: “Sorry mate we cannot connect your cable, it would have to go over someone else’s business sign,we cannot do that”
  • ME (calling VM): “Can I get the account cancelled and upfront payment reimbursed to my card?”
  • VM: “Just hold the line a second.”
  • 15 min later
  • VM: “Sorry about the wait, yes that can be done, your reimbursement will take 3 weeks”
  • ME: “How come? I had to pay it on the spot. Why do I have to wait 3 weeks for my money back?”
  • VM: “Sorry sir, but that’s how it is. Have a good day!”

So I had to log this here. It’s appalling that as a customer I can get treated this bad. Now I am wondering if I should go with Sky, I heard that they are just as bad. Can anyone share any light on their experiences with Sky and other broadband providers in the UK?

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